Rum Lad #5

In the summer of 2010, I flew to the USA to do a spot of sight-seeing spanning from Louisiana, over to the west-coast and back again on tour. It was a nice time. This zine is an illustrated document of my travels.

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Preview :

A much more effective review would just be a reprint of several pages of Rum Lad because I have a hard time explaining how outrageously illustrated and detailed Steve Larder’s zines are. They’re more precise and evocative than many graphic novels. What’s also amazing is how fluid and un-boxy the transitions are between the handwriting and the illustrations. This Rum Lad follows Steve around on a tour of the western United States. Thirty shows in twenty-four days: basements, bookstores, kook-houses, fans, dogs, infoshops, and chunka-chunka metal dudes with chains and Metallica boxer shorts. Englishman Steve does a deft job of not romanticizing the process of traveling the “I had no idea how large it is”-ness of America with its long drives and broken booking promises. Nor is Steve being a whinebaby, secretly addicted to comfort. He works between the poles of sleep- and nutritious-food-deprived frustration and the ebullience of a shared, pure experience. This is zinecraft in its highest form and I can’t recommend this enough. – Razorcake zine.

Tour stories! I love ‘em. In the summer of 2010, Steve and his band flew from the UK to the United States to tour with their band Moloch, alongside friends Thou. This is essentially Steve’s tour journal, where he writes about playing thirty shows in twenty-four days (ambitious!) – loud music, punk houses, burritos and all kinds of adventures. What’s really special are Steve’s meticulous illustrations of the people and places along the way. From bandmates and pen pals to basement shows and California’s redwood forest. Fifty pages of amazing content. - Fight Boredom distro.

- £2.50 + p&p.
- A5 sized (5.5" x 7")
- 52 pages.